How to Send Someone an Email

This wikiHow teaches you how to choose an email service perfect for you and how to create a personal account. Once you’ve got an email account, you can send an email 1 person using their email address.

Decide on an email provider. The buyer different email providers–most of whom have the freedom to sign up for and use–but the three most popular ones are: Gmail – Google e-mail. Signing up for Gmail also makes a Google account, which is useful for YouTube and other large social media web pages. Outlook – Microsoft-created mail. An Outlook account is want for some Microsoft software program as Microsoft Word (or Office 365), Windows 10, and Xbox LIVE. Yahoo – Yahoo is a straightforward email provider with features like news in your inbox and a simple theme. All three of the above email providers have mobile apps for that smartphone available as a gift. This will allow you to email and recieve email from your smart dataphone.

Click the “Sign Up” button. This button may say “Create an Account” or something similar and is typically in the upper-right side of the email page. If you are on Yahoo’s main website, you needs to click the Visit button first, just to click Sign up at the bottom of the “Sign in” page.Enter details. Though there may be additional information needed, you’ll typically be required to add the following information for all email providers: Your name Your preferred email address Your preferred password Your date of birth

Complete the setup process. In some cases, you’ll be required to verify your identity over the phone (as in the of Yahoo), while other email providers simply ask to be able to prove you’re human by checking a box. Once you’ve completed the setup process, you’re to be able to send your email.Go to your email. If you just finished setting your own account, you in order to looking at your inbox right now. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-enter your email provider’s address in your browser. If you’re navigating back to the email provider page, you may prefer to enter your email address and password before you can sign in. If you are using your email provider’s app on a mobile device, simply tap the app’s icon to open your inbox.

Select the “Compose” button. throwaway email is the button that prompts the email provider to open fresh email template: Gmail – Click COMPOSE in the upper-left side of the inbox (desktop) or tap the pencil icon (mobile). Outlook – Click + New at the top of the inbox (desktop) or tap the pen-and-pad icon (mobile). Yahoo – Click Compose in the upper-left corner of your page (desktop) or tap the pencil icon (mobile).